Self-care using smartphone apps

Self-care using phones and smartphone apps:

Engage in your medication and health management

The pharmaceutical industry has dramatically advanced drug development over the last few decades to provide an extremely vast range of medication to provide improved quality of life and improved survival for chronic disease sufferers. However, the prospect of taking multiple medications on a daily basis to keep an associated chronic disease at bay brings a suite of daily challenges. One of the greatest issues confronting the medical industry today is assisting patients in their daily routines to stay on top of their medication regimes. Not only are this, alongside a consistent medication regime, daily activities – exercise, diet and maintenance of various health measurements all pivotal to produce the most optimal health outcomes. A study in 2014 showed that there are over 7 billion mobile phones in the world, and over 2.3 billion of them have access to internet services. [1] 86% of the Australian households have internet access on their mobiles or smartphones.[2] These numbers are growing annually as mobile phone technology and services become more affordable for the everyday Australian. A great opportunity lies in this development and availability of mobile technology – A user centric opportunity to monitor your health. As the health industry moves into the digital era, as many other industries have already done, a great number of researchers in the scientific community are studying how to best provide health services with the accessibility of mobile devices. Great promise lies in delivery of health associated medication, health monitoring, data collection, improved diagnoses, faster treatment options, health monitoring and effective communication between patients and professionals Herein lies a great opportunity to use mobile messaging platforms to deliver innovative solutions for patients and professionals to assist in the process of building and managing sustainable health practices and improving medication adherence.

There are a growing number of smartphone health applications to help patients effectively maintain long-term medication practices. However, recent research suggests there is a gap in the digital space regarding the patient understanding of information around their diagnosis and treatment regimes. Effective engagement of patients with chronic disease in the digital space is a multi-faceted problem which requires input from patients, but also practitioners and pharmacists. There is currently a gap in the health industry for healthcare professionals to recommend appropriate platforms which address this multi-faceted problem. [2&3]
At MediRoo, we are developing an advanced user-centred, interactive, engaging and customisable mobile phone solution. With the latest research in the mobile health space, we will strive to make health and medication management subconscious.

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